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Our Services



Initial consultation takes one hour and follow up consultations (depending on the treatment plan) can be one hour, 45-minutes, 30-minutes or 15-minutes.

In assessing your needs, our naturopaths may recommend one or more of the following diagnostic tests: 

  • A Saliva Hormone Test provides information about hormonal breakdown and specific interactions.
  • A Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis gives an overview of the entire digestion system.
  • A Neuroendocrine Urine Test can help asess the biochemistry of the brain.
  • A Finger Prick Allergy Test identifies any food combinations that maybe contributing to an illness.


At The Health Lodge, you can choose the option of having a combined consultation with any of our GPs and Naturopaths.  Our Integrative Doctors and Naturopaths work closely to share their knowledge of biochemistry, nutrition and herbalism, providing a greater platform for understanding the causes of chronic health issues.  Integrative combinations commonly used: 

  • Doctor and Naturopath
  • Naturopath and Chiropractor
  • Acupuncturist and Naturopath  
  • Psychologist and Naturopath
  • Osteopath and Physiotherapist

You may choose any of these combinations. We recommend you discuss your options with reception at the time of booking so that they can co-ordinate the sessions.



Access the support you need Australia wide via Skype consultations with our Naturopaths.  



Our Herbal Dispensary is comprised of herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and Chinese herbs, to treat the underlying causes of illness.  Open 9am – 5pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s one of our fully qualified Naturopaths on hand to assist you with all your dispensary health needs. No appointment necessary.  Learn more about our Herbal Dispenary.


With 20 years experience as a massage therapist, Kristin Zanotti offers massage that is nourishing and intuitive with a  strong therapeutic focus.  Types of massage: remedial, relaxation, deep tissue, pregnancy, lymphatic drainage.  Kristin uses a variety of essential oils, herbally infused oils and flower essences tailor made for a truly personalised and holistic massage.  As a naturopath all of Kristin’s massage treatments include a 15 minute naturopathic consultation to ascertain best products to use in the massage as well as general naturopathic advice.  Learn more about massage treatments.


For patients that need a focused approach to regaining their health.  Stay in our private inpatient facilities and have access to the whole team within a coordinated program. A tailored diet is designed as part of the treatment regime; You’ll share lunch with your naturopath to discuss how to use food to enhance your wellbeing, and even better, participate in private, hands-on cooking lessons so you can return home with enough confidence to prepare nourishing, delicious food in your own kitchen.

Download our brochure and learn more about treatment options for different chronic health conditions.