Naturopath Q & A



Herbal Dispensary Manager

Leilani Kvia is a passionate naturopath and herbalist at The Health Lodge.

When did your passion for natural health first begin?

I grew up on a small organic self-sustainable acreage in the Adelaide Hills in the 70s and early 80s. My father was relentless in teaching us to really consider the impact of our actions and our consumption on the planet. Whilst the main driver was conservation of mother earth, the roll-on effect was that our lifestyle was fundamentally grassroots, natural, toxin-free and healthy. Later as a young adult I travelled Australia extensively. I stayed for months at a time in remote areas meeting women who knew about plant medicine and the healing nature of herbs. I knew without doubt that I wanted to be one of those women. From then, it was a natural progression.

In your clinical practice, what areas do you focus on?

The tale goes that historically in ancient medicine, the doctor was paid to keep his villagers healthy and would not be paid when they were sick. I love this story; it is the ultimate in preventative medicine. I am passionate about keeping my community healthy and inspiring people to do what they can to bring more wellness and vitality into their lifestyle. I do this by utilising herbs, supplements, detoxification protocols and food as medicine. I’ve also drawn to the journey of a midlife woman and recognise the importance of tuning the nervous system, adrenal glands, sex hormones, blood sugar levels and restorative sleep patterns from a woman’s early 40s for a healthy and harmonious transition of the (peri)menopausal years.

What drew you to working at The Health Lodge?

The college where I studied Naturopathy was owned and partially operated by Doctors and as a new graduate I saw very clearly and perhaps somewhat naively what a dynamic complimentary team a Naturopath and Doctor could be. In reality though I found it quite daunting communicating with Doctors via email for my patients. I had worked in various multi modality clinics and loved it but The Health Lodge is more than that. It’s an Integrative Medical Clinic of practitioners quite literally working as a team for the best outcome of the patient. I was curious to be a part of such an innovative movement. I also knew several of the practitioners at The health Lodge and held them in high regard so when approached to step in I couldn’t say no.

What are your four top tips/non-negotiable when it comes to thriving health?

  1. Clean pure water and plenty of it – but not with meals as it dilutes digestive enzymes

  2. An abundance of fresh colourful herbs, vegies and berries chewed mindfully

  3. Any kind of movement outside in the sunshine

  4. Breath awareness

Located in the heart of Byron Bay, The Health Lodge herbal dispensary offers easy on-site parking and is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. You can find us at 78 Bangalow Road, Byron Bay or call us for more information on 6685 6445.