Naturopath Q & A



Children’s, Teenager’s and Fertility Naturopath

Naturopath Kristin Zanotti has been working in the wellness industry for 20 years. For Kristin, naturopathy combines all of her passions: people, health, food and research.

When did your passion for natural health first begin?

My mum was passionate about herbs and homeopathy, so I grew up learning about natural medicine and growing herbs. I started studying naturopathy after seeing a naturopath in my 20s who helped me with anxiety and some issues with fatigue. I really felt my body “singing” with the treatment and my health steadily and robustly increased. Going through your own healing journey really helps you to understand the levels others go through when recovering from an illness.

In your clinical practice, what areas do you focus on?

I have a few areas of special interest; I love working alongside Dr Oscar Serrallach to help postnatal mums in their journey back to health. I also love preparing couples for conscious conception and supporting pregnancy.

I have a natural interest in paediatrics and also behavioural disorders and mental health. Mercury detoxification and Biotoxin Illness are both areas I have naturally fallen into. I really am a bit of a “jack of all conditions”. I also love over the counter prescribing as well as researching any presenting condition.

What initially drew you to working at The Health Lodge?

The team approach! It has always been a dream of mine to work alongside doctors and other allied health practitioners. It really is so wonderful to use traditional and conventional medicine where indicated.

Take us through “a day on your plate” – what do you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks?

I start the day with warm lemon water followed by an earl grey tea with coconut milk. Then, for me, breakfast is big! Fried vegetables, eggs, paleo toast, sauerkraut and goat’s cheese. Sometimes a bulletproof coffee or mushrooms and cocoa drink. For morning tea I’ll have bone broth and collagen or just some nuts. Lunch varies from salmon, salad, avocado or leftover dinner, dhal and vegies. In the afternoon, I’ll have some keto chocolate (that I make with collagen and coconut oil) and an earl grey tea. For dinner, I love having roast vegies and lamb or chicken or prawns/fish with salad washed down with the occasional glass of red.

You can work with Kristin for health concerns relating to prenatal, pregnancy and postnatal care, paediatrics, teen health, mental health, gastrointestinal disorders, hormonal issues, chronic fatigue and biotoxin illness. Kristin is one of Doctor Oscar Serrallach’s clinical assistants, specialising in postnatal depletion health consultations and is also a skilled and experienced massage therapist offering relaxation, deep tissue, pregnancy and lymphatic massage.

Book online for a consultation with Kristin or contact our Client Support Team on 02 6685 6445 for more information.