Naturopath Q & A



Women’s Health Naturopath

Emma McLaughlin is a passionate naturopath and modern herbalist.

When did your passion for natural health first begin?

From a young age I spent time outside growing vegies and herbs in my garden. When I finished school, I worked in plant nurseries which evolved into a specific interest in medicinal plants and growing healthy food. Realising that a natural understanding of health managed by lifestyle was something that could be translated into a career, I chose to study naturopathy to help others understand how they can do this within their own lives and how it can be applied to managing certain health conditions.  

In your clinical practice, what areas do you focus on?

Women’s health and hormones are my area of passion; this is where herbal medicine really holds its own. Helping women to understand how their bodies work; how to listen to the signs their bodies are giving them; how to use tools to support health and make us feel empowered is really rewarding. I also work very closely with mums – being a mother of two and knowing the ups and downs this can create with sleep, energy and mood. We need all the tools we can get!  

What initially drew you to working at The Health Lodge?

I was first attracted to the integrative model of health embraced at The Health Lodge. Working alongside doctors, psychologists, body workers and yoga teachers at The Health Lodge is the true definition of holistic health care.

What are your four top tips/non-negotiable when it comes to thriving health?

  1. Everything is about balance. Too much of a “healthy” thing will become unhealthy. You need balance in your exercise, eating habits and the pace of life in which you move – being too puritan can be as detrimental as not being health conscious. Always bring it back to balance.

  2. Eat “real” food. If your food contains numbers or ingredients you cannot buy on supermarket shelves, don’t put it in your body. Make food enjoyable and full of nutrients.

  3. Breathe deeply and observe how this makes you feel.

  4. Include plenty of little things that make you happy or relaxed, such as a warm bath with essential oils, a simple dinner with good company, a short walk on the beach, listening to your favourite music, a hug, sitting quietly watching the rain – it’s usually the little things that have the most profound effect and can be easily slotted into our busy lives. Don’t overcomplicate it.

Emma focuses on supporting women to understand how to manage their health and hormones with diet and nutrition, medicinal herbs and supplements, movement and exercise, relaxation and other lifestyle measures. Watch our video below to learn more about Emma as she discusses integrative approaches to help treat patients with endometriosis. Book online for a consultation with Emma or contact our Client Support Team on 02 6685 6445 for more information