Welcome to Our Herbal Dispensary


Come and visit our extensive herbal dispensary, located in award-winning health clinic, The Health Lodge.

Feeling the symptoms of a cold or flu coming on? Signs of anxiety or stress? Struggling to sleep? Come in and see our passionate and friendly naturopaths at The Health Lodge herbal dispensary.

The qualified naturopaths at our herbal dispensary can assist new and existing patients with a comprehensive range of evidence-based, high-quality herbal and nutritional medicines. Our extensive over-the-counter herbal dispensary not only offers affordable prices but also professional on-the-spot healthcare advice.

Forget waiting in line at conventional medical clinics, our certified naturopaths can assist you with a variety of health concerns such as cold and flu, post-recovery from antibiotics, sleep support, general stress and anxiety, acute tick bites, acute children’s ailments and much more. 

At the herbal dispensary, we provide high-quality, prescription-only healthcare products that have been sourced specifically to meet the needs of our patients. This includes:

  • Quality nutritional supplements such as vitamins, mineral therapy, antioxidants, fish oils, amino acids and nasal sprays

  • Extensive herbal dispensary offering herbs well beyond the scope of a typical dispensary

  • Full Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbal dispensary (consultation required by our TCM practitioners)

  • Homoeopathic medicines

  • Topical creams for a variety of ailments

  • Organic, wild-crafted tea and custom tea blends

  • Hypo-allergenic household cleaning products

  • Refilling prescriptions

With clinical experience assisting doctors and other practitioners, our skilled naturopaths can help identify the underlying source of concern and can offer treatment options, lifestyle suggestions and sound advice. If necessary, the naturopath will refer you to our health clinic for more personalised care and support.