Naturopath Q & A



Digestive Health Naturopath

who are you? what do you do?

Hello, my name is Bec. I am a Naturopath and Colon Hydrotherapist 

When did your passion for natural health/herbs/naturopathy first begin?

My Naturopathy journey was quite unique as during my teenage years I wanted to become a Dietician because I loved working with diet and understood how paramount diet was for our mental and physical health – and of course because I loved eating food! My journey began studying nutrition, where I was the led to Naturopathy, not knowing what was involved - in a way, I believe Naturopathy found me.

My grandfather was born in Egypt, a county where medicine and pharmacy is huge and seen as a prestige career. He passed away when I was young but he was well known in his village in Cairo as the ‘natural healer’ for prescribing natural home remedies. I know that he would be proud of me for continuing his work.

Do you have a special interest ie women’s health, fertility, digestion?

Yes, I enjoy working with digestive health. ‘Gut health’ is a popular topic in the health world at the moment which is great that people want to dig deeper into looking after their health. Living in a fast-passed world, it’s easy to inhale our food on our way to work and on our short lunchbreak, which not only effects digestion but skips our relationship with food. I enjoy educating people on simple ways on how to eat, rebuild a healthy relationship with food and support their digestive system. Learning that we are made of 90% bacteria still blows my mind, so everything that we consume will either have good or bad effects on these bugs – eating isn’t just to fulfil our appetite, it is how we heal, think and behave.

What initially drew you to working at The Health Lodge? 

The Health Lodge has a wonderful reputation for integrative health practitioners. It was the integrative care that drew me working at The Health Lodge where patients can be orchestrated for individual and tailored treatment – this is true ‘holistic’ care. For example, for a patient with chronic constipation, I know I can comfortably refer for visceral manipulation to compliment nutrition, herbs, lifestyle and colonics.

Take us through ‘a day on your plate’ – what do you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks?

Breakfast: Bulletproof coffee with Lion’s Mane (ie my brain)

Snack: Fresh fruit: whatever is in season at the farmer’s market 

Lunch: Salad with chickpeas or falafel balls OR rice with a vegetable curry

Snack: Mixed nuts, Dates dipped in tahini (must try) and of course dark chocolate.

Dinner: Roasted root veggies with pesto OR omelette with tomato and mushrooms. 

What are your three top tips/non-negotiable when it comes to thriving health?

Sit down and chew your food until liquid – 32 times to be exact, but I won’t get you to count. When your meal is being prepared, hear it cooking, smell it when it’s in front of you - we want to get your stomach juices released and salivation happening before we begin to eat.

Don’t feel guilty when you eat something ‘naughty’. The guilt of eating it is unhealthier than eating it. Rather enjoy it, slowly, and move on. Balance is key.

Being a naturopath and colon hydrotherpist, talking about bowels comes with the job, so educating patients on how to have a correct bowel motion is mandatory for health. This is how - lifting your heels, using a toilet stool or thick heavy books to help lift your knees and bending forward.

What do you love about Byron Bay?

Being raised in Melbourne it would have to be the incredible sunshine, fresh beachy air, the community, healthy food and overall good vibes.